• INTRO: Ages 3-5

  • MINI: Ages 5-7

  • JUNIORS (JR): Ages 7-11

  • TEENS: Ages 11-14

  • SENIORS (SR): Ages 13-18


  • Level 1: Beginners, little to no experience

  • Level 2: Beginner Intermediate to Intermediate

  • Level 3: Intermediate to Advanced

*PLEASE NOTE: due to high volume of classes filling up, we will have a strict rule of 4 unexcused absences will result in automatic drop from the class to allow room for our waitlisted students. Email to inform us for any upcoming absences.


1. Please click on a class in the above schedule. You will be directed to the Studio Director site.

2. Once there, login to your studio account OR create a new one.

3. TO CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT, please fill out info regarding you (FAMILY) and your dancer (STUDENT).

4. Follow the prompts, it should enroll you into the class you had selected. To add more classes, click the button in your dance account that says, "REGISTER FOR  NEW CLASS" then choose the class or classes for your dancer (STUDENT).

  • Enrollment will not be complete without checking out and payment.

  • RECOMMENDATION: Choose the Automatic/Recurring Payment Plan. This means that the card on file in your account will be charged every 1st of the month for tuition.



  • Focusing on jazz technique and fundamentals with theatrical, modern and contemporary influences.

Ballet Classes

  • Strong focus on Cecchetti Method and using core to give dance foundation for all other styles.


  • This class delves into fall & recover technique, post-modern concert dance, and especially Afro-modern (Dunham Technique). The Dunham Technique is based around breathing, pushing the limits of expression and has a deep ballet foundation.


  • In this class, the dancer is encouraged to use their emotions and moods to design their own steps and routines. It is not unusual for dancers to invent new steps for their routines, instead of following a structured code of technique, as in ballet. They also follow the natural rhythm of their own body as well as learn a lyrical and continuous way of moving.


  • In these classes, dancers learn old and new school choreography, learning the basic elements of hiphop.


  • A foundational introduction to breaking, pop and locking, uprock and funk. These elements are broken down for each dancer and some choreography is taught with elements of freestyle.


  • Our battle class primarily focuses on the b-boy battle and freestyle culture. Dancers are encouraged to find their natural beat and use it to collaborate and compete amongst one another.

Intro to Dance and Movement

  • For tiny tot dancers who are new to the world of dance and would like the explore movement. This class includes different games and exercises that work on coordination and movement to keep the dancer engaged.

Sassy HipHop

  • Channel your inner Beyonce! This fem-style hiphop class will get you moving and learn new combos that embodies strong divas. All levels are encouraged.